Nettsider med emneord «Haiti»

Publisert 5. apr. 2019 13:20

A one year commemoration. Read more here.  

Publisert 5. apr. 2019 13:20

See announcement .

Listen to the three presentations.

Publisert 5. apr. 2019 13:20

Conference on Dominican-Haitian relations.

Publisert 17. nov. 2015 11:57
Publisert 10. mars 2014 14:39
Publisert 10. mars 2014 14:38
Publisert 10. mars 2014 14:38
Publisert 10. mars 2014 14:38
Publisert 8. mars 2012 09:04

Presentation in English, paper in Norwegian circulated in advance (or contact Jørgen will talk about his field research from the Dominican-Haitian borderland, and discuss the use of discourse theory as a methodological tool.

Publisert 16. jan. 2012 15:15

The discrimination against Haitians in the Dominican Republic, and the work of Sonia Pierre, is the topic of this article by Jørgen Yri, NTNU, published in Adresseavisen.

Publisert 27. juni 2011 15:55

A Research Project in cooperation between PRIO and Centre d’Études sur le Développement des Cultures et des Sociéteés (CEDCS), University of Quisqueya, Port-au-Prince. Presentation of findings from the project by Haitian researchers Rachelle Doucet (anthropologist) and Alain Gilles (sociologist).

Registration and more information here.

Publisert 14. des. 2010 12:03

Listen to the sound recording of the three presentations at the Haiti seminar at Litteraturhuset, Oslo on 1 October 2010.

Language: English

Publisert 5. mai 2010 15:43

Seminar Co-organized by International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO), Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre (Noref) and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA). Read more here .

Publisert 27. apr. 2010 13:02

With Anders Gullestad, PhD student, LLE, UiB.

Language : Norwegian

Publisert 6. apr. 2010 15:02

Introduction and discussion led by Håkon Tveit, Dept of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen – in English. Film in French with English subtitles.

Publisert 9. mars 2010 12:00

Seminar with Tone Faret, NOREF and Ingvill Konradsen Ceide, Prosjekt Haiti.

Language: Norwegian. Read more here.