Nettsider med emneord «Global South»

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This post-doctoral project at SUM investigates how business-peace interactions influence traditional Global North development mechanisms.

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The shift of the global economy continues materialising. While production has been moving East and South for decades, a new shift is underway in the form of consumption. The number of middle-class consumers in Asia has now been estimated to be close to equal that of North America and Europe.

Publisert 6. aug. 2015 10:16

The purpose of this study is to go beyond typical project evaluations and single case studies and develop new research-based knowledge on the comparative impacts of aid on two crucial pillars of development – gender equality and food security.

Publisert 1. juli 2015 14:11

The project seeks to account for electricity’s effect on women's empowerment, both as women use electricity’s services and become involved in its provision. The project highlights a comparison between centralized (grid) and decentralized systems and the effects on women’s empowerment.

Publisert 27. mars 2015 11:02

The primary aim of this study is to investigate the transfer of global maternal health policies approached through the actions of international NGOs.

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Research and dialogue on the dynamics of inequality reduction in different contexts.

Publisert 11. jan. 2013 11:38

This study will do a qualitative analysis of the receiving end of Chinese projects in Mozambique, focusing on how the projects stimulate local employment and industrialization.

Publisert 4. jan. 2013 14:03

This project looks at Vietnam’s development strategies and the ongoing socio-economic transformations in the country through a case study of the emerging transition from motorbikes to cars in Hanoi.

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