Personer med emneord «Gender»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Eide, Liv Associate professor +47 55 58 48 30 Uruguay, Gender, History: Contemporary, History, Latin American Studies, Pedagogy
Gonzalez-Ortega, Nelson Professor 22857126 Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Globalization and Transnationalism, History: Colonial, History: Contemporary, Literature, Language: Portuguese, Language: Spanish
Hagene, Turid Professor Emeritus +47 67 23 72 30 +47 470 95 027 Mexico, Nicaragua, Development cooperation, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Politics and Political Institutions, Religions and Beliefs, Anthropology, Development Studies, History, Latin American Studies
Kvernflaten, Birgit Postdoctoral Fellow 93669684 Guatemala, Nicaragua, Gender, Health and Medicine, Human Rights, Poverty and Inequality, Anthropology, Development Studies, Public health
Manzanares Monter, Sara Alejandra PhD student 22854996 Mexico, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Kinship and family, Law and Justice, Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology
McNeish, John-Andrew Professor 0047 97016014/ 67231357 Bolivia, Guatemala, Development and Economy, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Energy and Natural Resources, Violence and Security, Anthropology, Archaeology, Development Studies, Latin American Studies
Bilde av Susanne Normann Normann, Susanne Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858910 99239715 critical psychology, qualitative research, political ecology, Gender, Brazil
Salkjelsvik, Kari Soriano Associate Professor +4755582274 Mexico, Art and Theatre, Gender, Literature, Latin American Studies
Stølen, Kristi Anne Professor Emeritus 22858980 Argentina, Guatemala, Agriculture and Rural Development, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Peace and Conflict, Social change, Anthropology
Bilde av Kristi Anne Stølen Stølen, Kristi Anne Emeritus +47-22858980 Gender, Latin America, Natural Resource Management, Poverty
Bilde av Karen Lykke Syse Syse, Karen Lykke Associate Professor +47 22858949 Nature and Culture, Food, Gender, Landscape
Vaca, Wladimir Alfredo Chavez Associate Professor 95277897 Ecuador, Art and Theatre, Gender, History: Contemporary, Human Rights, Migration, Cultural History, Latin American Studies, Literature
Bilde av Tanja Winther Winther, Tanja Professor and Head of research centre Include +47-22858915 Energy, Electricity, Gender, Practice, Sustainable development, Africa, Asia, Norway, Consumption and Wellbeing, India, Global South, Europe
Wynne, Kimberly PhD 40245560 Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Gender, Health and Medicine, Migration, Poverty and Inequality, Violence and Security, Anthropology
Ystanes, Margit Associate professor 99250903 Brazil, Guatemala, Development cooperation, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Gender, Poverty and Inequality, Violence and Security, Anthropology
Ødegaard, Cecilie Vindal Professor +47 55 58 92 71 Peru, Employment, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Migration, Trade, Anthropology, Development Studies, Gender studies