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Publisert 5. apr. 2019 13:20

(Human rights, reconciliation and political-cultural changes in the Southern Cone) A multicisciplinary seminar arranged by the research group ABC (Culture and Society in Argentina, Brazil and Chile) and supported by NorLARNet.

Language : Spanish

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Publisert 5. apr. 2019 13:20

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Publisert 5. apr. 2019 13:20

Documentary: ¿Quién dijo miedo? / Who is afraid?

Introduction by Victor Meza, Director of Centro de Documentación de Honduras and ex-Minister of Interior.

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Publisert 28. sep. 2011 15:49

Two Poverty and Development (PAD) initiatives are cited in the new UNDP Regional Assessment  

Publisert 28. sep. 2011 15:49

Together with the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) and the University of Hong Kong, the Human Rights and Extreme Poverty (HUREP) project at SUM recently organised 'Governing the Asian Giants'.

Publisert 28. sep. 2011 15:43

Professor Arjun K. Sengupta, a core member of HUREP and a Visiting Professor at SUM, passed away recently in New Delhi. He was 73. Arjun was a pioneer in the field of human rights and development and we have fond memories of our long collaboration with him.