Persons tagged with «External funding»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Bergh, Marius Adviser +47-22858977 Budget, External funding, Reporting, Financial management
Bergseth-Hasle, Mari Adviser +47-22858516 +47-45267706 (mob) Research administration, External funding
Bratseth, Ola Adviser +47-22841623 +47-90188948 (mob) Research fund, EU, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Checking program
Dalsøren, Stine Bjørløw Administrative Manager +47-22845927 External funding, Research support
Dikova, Maria Senior Executive Officer +47-22858898 Open Access, Guest Lectures, External funding, Project management, Copy editing, Reserach support, Reporting, Cristin, Events, Conferences, Office support
Egner, Marit Senior Adviser +47-22858490 +47 96239029 External funding, Research administration, International cooperation, Global South, South Africa, scholars at risk, NORHED, NORPART
Eldholm, Marit Project Manager +47-22858862 Project management, Research support, International cooperation, EU, Impact, External funding
Engh, Aasta Karen Senior Executive Officer +47-22857979 +47-41670032 (mob) Finance, Reporting, Department of Biosciences, External funding, Budget, Contracts, ePhorte, Research support, Accounts
Fosse, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47-22850120 Research administration, Cristin, External funding, Research communikation, Web publishing
Frostestad, Guro Administrative Manager +47-22859457 External funding, Web editor, ePhorte, Research administration, Cristin
Gakkestad, Mari Senior Executive Officer +47-22859468 Open Access, Research administration, Cristin, Research Communication, External funding, Web editor
Gjørva, Ingunn Maria Senior Research Adviser +47-22850347 Cristin, External funding, Research Support
Graver, Jenny Adviser +47-22842051 External funding, Research support
Grønner, Torbjørn Administrative Manager +47-22857015 Research administration, External funding, International cooperation, Educational cooperation, Research cooperation, EEA/Norway grants
Haavardsholm, Erlend Kristiansen Adviser +47-22856913 41214455 (mob) Defense of thesis, Cristin, Research administration, External funding
Hagen, Dagfinn Administrative Manager +47-22850461 Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), External funding, Research support, Research administration, Research policy, Research Communication, The Research Council of Norway, H2020, EU
Halvorsen, Ann Kristin Sørli Senior Adviser +47-22856023 EU, Research administration, International cooperation, External funding
Hancke, Torunn Senior Adviser +47-22845534 +47-94818296 (mob) External funding, MSCA, EU-office, EU, H2020, PES, ERC
Helgason, Erlendur Senior Adviser +47-22845315 Research administration, Research support, External funding
Henriksen, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22858371 Web publishing, Research administration, External funding
Holen, Gyro Anna Administrative manager -on leave of absence until 01.07 2019 +47 98829967 Research support, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Norwegian Centre of Excellence
Håheim, Nina Adviser +47-22844253 External funding
Johansen, Malin Solli Senior Adviser +47-22845808 Research administration, Research support, External funding, EU
Karv, Hanna Adviser +47-22859413 Research administration, External funding, EU, project management
Kraabøl, Bente Lindberg Adviser (+47) 22 85 95 29 (+47) 47 02 69 02 (mob) Research administration, Research support, Budget, Contracts and agreements, External funding
Kvaale, Kaja Section Manager +47-22844633 Management, Regulations, External funding, Reseach Politics, Research administration, Research support
Kværk, Geir Ove Senior Advisor +47 22 85 88 60 +47 99 51 37 91 (mob) Project management, External funding, International cooperation, Research management, Research support, EU
Ligeti, Krisztina Adviser +47-22852144 External Funding, Strategy, Project Management, Evaluation, EU, H2020, NFR, Proposal Writing, Research Support
Mikalsen, Bjørg Adviser +47-22854360 Cristin, Research support, External funding
Nilsen, Thomas Adviser +47-22856128 Budget, Accounts, External funding
Nordick, Lisa Adviser +47-22856041 Research administration, External funding, Cristin
Noremsaune, Ingse M W Section Manager +47-22855329 +47-99617271 (mob) Research support, External funding, EU, ERC, CoE
Petersen, Stina (On leave) Research support, EU, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Research Communication, conference, Press contact, Open Access, Project management
Rudshagen, Eli Research Adviser +47 91632887 (mob) Research administration, Research support, External funding
Saidenova, Zhanna Senior Adviser +47-22857890 PhD, Research support, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Cristin
Schjølberg-Henriksen, Kari Senior Adviser +47-22859214 93066911 (mob) Announcements, EU, External funding, Research support, The Research Council of Norway
Seland, Elisabeth Havsberg Adviser +47-22857221 External funding, EU, Research support, Cristin, Alumni, Webmaster
Shadrikova, Arina Administrative Manager +47-22854245 Research Support, Norwegian Centre of Excellence, External funding
Sogner, Ingrid Section Manager +47-22854465 +47-90663386 (mob) External funding, Research politics, EU, International cooperation, Innovation, Business, Research administration
Solheim, Lars Senior Executive Officer +47-22855790 External funding
Sørensen, Anette Senior Adviser +47-22781827 +47 97514857 Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Administrative management, Research support, External funding, EU funding, Project management, Gender equality, Anders Jahre's Medical Prizes
Thorsen, Arve T. Adviser +47-22856069 97116069 (mob) External Funding, Research Administration
Østensen, Vera Adviser +47-22845107 Research management, Grant support, Research fund, Supervision, career advise, Horizon2020, Advisor, EU, Research Ethics, Oxford collaboration, External funding, RCN