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Publisert 5. apr. 2019 13:20

Conference on Dominican-Haitian relations.

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In this book Christian Krohn-Hansen, University of Oslo, asks both how Dominicans have influenced New York City and how the move to New York has affected the lives of Dominican immigrants.

Publisert 15. jan. 2013 10:24

Book chapter by Leiv Marsteintredet, University of Oslo, in the book New Constitutionalism in Latin America. Promises and Practices. (pp. 223-242), Nolte and Schilling-Vacaflor (eds.) 2012: London, Ashgate publishers.  

Publisert 8. mars 2012 09:04

Presentation in English, paper in Norwegian circulated in advance (or contact Jørgen will talk about his field research from the Dominican-Haitian borderland, and discuss the use of discourse theory as a methodological tool.

Publisert 13. feb. 2012 22:46

With Leiv Marsteintredet, Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen

 Language: Spanish

Publisert 16. jan. 2012 15:15

The discrimination against Haitians in the Dominican Republic, and the work of Sonia Pierre, is the topic of this article by Jørgen Yri, NTNU, published in Adresseavisen.

Publisert 29. mars 2011 10:41

Article (in Spanish, summary in English) by Leiv Marsteintredet, University of Bergen in América Latina Hoy.