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For Muslims the ummah is arguably more powerful than Western liberalism because it taps into Muslims' universalist identity as both individual and part of a collective, a broader community beyond nations and time.

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Over the past decade, “social entrepreneurship” – defined variously as “the use of new approaches to solve old social problems” (Swab Foundation) and “entrepreneurship carried out for societal benefit” (Skoll Foundation) – has attracted increased attention in business circles. This has corresponded with the interest to actively involve businesses in achieving the SDGs.

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This study sheds new light onto the legacy of cyclone Sidr. Sidr ravaged the southern coast of Bangladesh 15 November 2007, leaving thousands dead and affecting millions. Given lower death tolls than previous cyclones, the response to Sidr has gained international recognition and become an oft-cited case of successful disaster preparedness.

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In this seminar, Sandya K. Hewamanne analyses how former factory workers navigate global capitalism. The seminar is the first in our new SDG Asia seminar series that addresses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the Asian context.