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  • un-july_1_660 The Oslo SDG Initiative at UN Headquarters 9. juli 2018 15:35

    A delegation from the Oslo SDG Initiative spent a week in New York in early July interacting with various UN offices and the permanent missions of several countries to the UN.

  • bergen-sdg-660 The SDGs and the researcher: How to engage in practice? 30. apr. 2018 11:29

    - Researchers who want to engage with policy-makers may have to resist the attraction of complexity, while still displaying their valuable constructive and critical faculties, writes Desmond McNeill on the SUM Blog.


  • business-sdgs-norad-507x338 The SDGs and the role of business 14. aug. 2018 16:15

    The private sector is considered a key actor in fostering progress towards the SDGs, but what role does business play in the global development agenda?

  • nepal-school-girls-norad-507x338 Towards 2030: The changing dynamics of aid 15. aug. 2018 15:30

    What role does aid play in the 2030 Agenda, and what is the future of Norwegian development cooperation?