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  • south-asia South Asia across the Nordic Region 2018 5. juni 2018 11:30

    The South Asia across the Nordic Region (SANR) annual meeting 2018 will be held in Oslo on 5 and 6 June

  • beaches The Network for Asian Studies' Open Summer Meeting 7. juni 2018 12:15

    Welcome to our open summer meeting! This year, China expert Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr from the University of Bergen will give a talk on Xi Jinping's recent ascension to potential lifelong leadership in China. Gåsemyr's talk will be followed by a panel discussion on the impact and development of the #MeToo movement in Asia, with a regional focus on China, India and Japan. With us in the panel are Ragnhild Sofie Selstø, journalist and MA graduate (Chinese Society and Politics, UiO), Moumita Sen, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (UiO) and Elizaveta Zyrenkova, MA student (Modern Japan, UiO). We also announce the winner of this year's "Best MA-thesis on an Asian topic". And, we serve drinks and refreshments.

  • logo-asianettverket Nyhetsbrev uke 20 18. mai 2018 01:24

    Asianettverkets nyhetsbrev – Uke 20, 2018

    Weekly Newsletter from the Network for Asian Studies – Week 20, 2018

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