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  • bilde-phd-course507x338 Ph.D. Course: 'Rural Transformations in the 21st Century' 8. aug. 2018 09:00

    The objective of this interdisciplinary course is to critically analyze – empirically and conceptually – processes of transformation in rural areas as related to access to and governance of resources and how these are reshaping the lives of people living there.

    The application deadline was 5 April, 2018.

  • tea-party-cart-507x338 Authoritarian populism and the rural world 9. aug. 2018 18:00

    What is the role of rural areas in supporting populist politicians? And how do rural areas become the main target of populist and authoritarian politics?

  • business-sdgs-norad-507x338 Alles business? Bærekraftsmålene og næringslivets rolle 14. aug. 2018 16:15

    Næringslivet anses i dag som en av de viktigste aktørene for at vi skal nå bærekraftsmålene (SDGs), men hvilken rolle spiller egentlig næringslivet for den globale utviklingsagendaen?