Building on existing projects and track record, the Oslo SDG Initiative will foster a strengthened commitment to research for sustainable development. In addition to long-term academic research on issues related to the SDG agenda, the Oslo SDG Initiative will encourage research on the transformations required for SDG implementation. Research under the initiative will contribute to on-going theoretical and methodological debates, as well as provide answers and solutions to the challenges related to achieving the SDGs. Through collaboration with affiliated faculty from universities in various parts of the world, the Oslo SDG Initiative will also provide nuanced perspectives from both the Global North and the Global South, including voices from weak states and emerging powers.

Research priorities

  • Global governance for achieving the SDGs
  • Business and the SDGs
  • SDGs and globalization with Chinese Characteristics
  • Empirical analyses of national action plans and measurement, monitoring and reporting of progress
  • Financing the SDGs
  • Poverty and inequality reduction
  • gender equality
  • Improving food security and combating famine threats
  • Innovative practices (e.g. precision agriculture, conservation agriculture, sanitation, Basic Income Guarantee)
  • Smart aid
  • Renewable energy and smart grids
  • Low-cost pollution abatement
  • Universal access to quality healthcare and education
  • Responsible consumption and sustainable cities
  • Human rights and global justice


The SDGs provide a common framework for different sectors and organizations to work together on shared interests. The Oslo SDG Initiative will take a leading role in promoting cross-sectorial partnerships, collaboration and dialogue between various stakeholders. Forums, dialogues and seminars will be organized to create shared platforms for governments, civil society, business and academia to discuss issues related to the SDG agenda.

Key outputs will include:

  • Facilitate cross-sectoral partnerships
  • Promote inter-sectoral dialogue through stakeholder forums and seminars
  • Encourage inter-disciplinary research within the University of Oslo