Eduardo Gudynas is the 2016 Arne Næss Professor in Global Justice and the Environment. / Eduardo Gudynas es nombrado Profesor Arne Naess en Justicia Global y el Ambiente en 2016

David Sloan Wilson is the  Arne Næss Chair for 2015. Sloan Wilson is a distinguished professor of evolutionary sciences and anthropology at SUNY / Binghamton University, and America's leading evolutionary biologist. For the past two decades he has worked on the role of cooperation and altruism in human evolution, and he is currently engaged in a project involving a cultural-evolutionary study of the ‘Norwegian model’. His latest book, Altruism, will be published in Norwegian in 2015.

David Abram, cultural ecologist, philosopher and author.

Change-maker and big-thinker, Polly Higgins is a lawyer who has brought into being a whole new body of Earth Law.

Buell is professor of American Literature at Harvard University and a pioneer of Ecocriticism.

Robyn Eckersley is Professor in the School of Politics, Sociology and Criminology, University of Melbourne, Australia.