Arne Næss Symposium 2015: Cultural Evolution and the Welfare of Nations

Is it possible to reconcile wealth and welfare in future societies?

Arne Næss Chair 2015

Professor David Sloan Wilson is the  Arne Næss Chair for 2015. Sloan Wilson is a distinguished professor of evolutionary sciences and anthropology at SUNY / Binghamton University, and America's leading evolutionary biologist. For the past two decades he has worked on the role of cooperation and altruism in human evolution, and he is currently engaged in a project involving a cultural-evolutionary study of the ‘Norwegian model’. His latest book, Does Altruism Exist,came out in Norwegian in early October 2015.


17:30 - 18:00 Ecological Fanfare, Lasse Thoresen & Maiken Mathisen Schau

Welcome: Nina Witoszek, project leader, SUM, the University of Oslo

Opening remarks: Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector, the University of Oslo 

Nils Christian StensethCentre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, the University of Oslo

18:00 -18:20 Keynote lecture, David Sloan Wilson, Cultural Evolution and the Welfare of Nations

18:20 - 18:40  Peter Turchin, 'Deep History' and Today's Governance Dilemmas

18:40 - 18:50  Short break

18:50 - 19.10  Robert Frank, Rethinking Economics in the Light of Evolution

19:10 - 19:25 Young Researchers Challenge: Katharine Naomi Browne and Cathrine Moe Thorleifsson

19:25 - 20:00 Lecturers' response, discussion and questions from the  audience

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