Participants in Power and Politics in Global Health

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Katerini Storeng Associate Professor +47-22858883 governance, anthropology, Burkina Faso, Global health, Africa, Global South
Sidsel Roalkvam Centre Director +47-22858796 Global Health, Africa, Asia, India, Global South, Malawi
Maren Olene Kloster Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858981 Global health policy making, Health Systems, Malawi, Global South, Global Governance, Reproductive Health, Global Health
Hanneke Pot Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858729 Global Health, Africa, Sexual reproductive and maternal health, Global South, Malawi
Birgit Kvernflaten Student +47-22858794 Global South, Gender, Latin America, Global Health
Johanna Adolfsson Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858878 Social Psychology, Global South, Africa, Health and Development, Malawi, qualitative research
Ann Louise Lie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850628 Tanzania, Global Health, Global Governance, Africa, Food and Nutrition, Global South
Seydou Drabo Student
Antoine de Bengy Puyvallée Research Assistant Global Health, Ebola, Global Governance, Securitization
Desmond McNeill Emeritus +47-22858991 95031848 Aid, Natural Resource Management, Globalisation, Research School, Africa, Asia, Governance, Global South
Sonja Kittelsen Postdoctoral Fellow