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Culture, Ethics and Sustainability

This research group focuses on social perceptions of - and attitudes to - nature and the way these are created and changed in various cultural, political and institutional contexts.


Areas of Research

  • Study of narratives about natural environment ranging from literature, philosophy and art to popular culture and media;
  • Exploration of the relationship between human experience of place, identity and quality of life;
  • Studies in environmental philosophy and environmental ethics;
  • Studies of the relationship between environmental discourse and practice, especially with regard to the use and abuse of natural resources;
  • Investigation of the impact of cultural institutions and power structures on attitudes to nature;
  • Studies of the formation of public opinion on the environment in situations of the conflict of interest;
  • Elaboration of methodology and theory regarding social constructions of nature.
  • Studies of the role of culture in creative adaptation to climate change
Tags: Asia
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