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Lunch seminar with Arne Dulsrud: 'In-store marketing as a mode of discipline'.

Young woman shopping for juice in produce department of a supermarket, stock photo



In this seminar, Arne Dulsrud will talk about In-store marketing as a mode of discipline.

The modern supermarket with its shelves of widely varied products is seen as the ultimate arena of free choice. The science of marketing, however, reminds us that markets are physical and material places in terms of outlet location, buildings, and store design. In-store marketing refers to how stores are designed to influence and control shoppers. By means of monetary rewards and physical arrangements—proven to be profoundly efficient—retailers and producers try to standardize purchasing behaviour and to direct it towards major brands and key categories of manufactured grocery items. In what way is this shaping our shopping behavior and consumer routines?

After his presentation, we will open for questions from and discussion with the audience.

The seminar is free and open to everyone but requires registration. Coffee and tea will be served, but remember to bring your own lunch.

About the speaker

Arne Dulsrud is head of Research at the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research at the Oslo and Akershus University College. In his previous research, he has worked on the globalisation of the food system and studied its consequences on the food market.



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