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Lunch seminar with Yngvild Wasteson: 'The One Health Concept'

Photo: FAO. 2011 One Health: Food and Agricutlrure of the United Nations Strategic Action Plan, [brochure], [URL]. Reproduced with permission.


Disease knows no borders. In a globalized world, with flow of people, capital and biological goods as animals, plants and food, the world remains vulnerable to infectious diseases. The One Health concept is connecting all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment.The concept has been adopted as a framework to combat one of our grand challenges; the emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

Human and animal health are inextricably linked and presents the urgent need for collaborative efforts between medicine, veterinary medicine and environmental sciences. Such collaborative efforts are needed to develop diagnostics tools and vaccines. But the One Health concept goes far beyond the health care centre. This interdisciplinary approach also addresses issues from intensive agricultural practices, global trade in exotic animals, consumption of bush meat and human population pressures. To understand the dynamics of infections and health problems, research focus has to be on the microbes, the animal reservoirs, the human patients and the environment, and how these different factors interact.

In this talk, professor Wasteson will explain some of the background and the history behind the One Health Initiative. She will address how the One Health Concept can enable us to focus on how to prevent infectious diseases to emerge at the animal-human interfaces, rather than to focus on how to cure them after their emergence.

After the presentation, we will open for questions from and discussion with the audience.

The seminar is free and open to everyone but requires registration. Coffee and tea will be served, but remember to bring your own lunch.

About the speaker

Yngvild Wasteson is professor in microbiology/food safety and School director of NMBU School of Veterinary Medicine. She is engaged in One Health-projects in collaboration with Veterinary faculties in Tanzania and Uganda, and member of the European Network of Evaluation of One Health.

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