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Lunch seminar with Runar Døving: 'Thanks and pardon. Fun and nauseousness in eating turkey'

obama pardoning a turkey

Obama at the turkey pardoning in 2009. Photo: Lawrence Jackson, White House, Wikimedia.


In this seminar Runar Døving will talk about turkey and nausea and he will cross the line for what to talk about at the same time. The lecture is based on the two American traditions "Thanksgiving" and "Pardoning a turkey". Døving will in his presentation link the rituals of these traditions to those of the breeding and treatment of turkeys in industrial farming. He will also make the link even more complex by including some lessons on how to cook a turkey for a nice meal. The lecture is in this way an experiment in how it tries to reconnect our culture, traditions and food with the animal. Tenderhearted people should be warned: attend at your own risk!

After the presentation, we will open for questions from and discussion with the audience.

The seminar is free and open to everyone but requires registration. Coffee and tea will be served, but remember to bring your own lunch.

About the speaker

Runar Døving is Professor at Kristiania University College in Oslo. His backround is in social anthropology and in his previous research, he has studied Norwegian culture, food and 'grensehandel' - Norwegians crossing the border to Sweden to purchase cheaper food. At Kristiania University College, he teaches consumer sociology and gastronomy. Runar has been very active in the public debate on consumption, brands and informal economy.




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