Matlære: Food Talks

Lunch seminar with Inger Johanne Lyngø: "The Milky Way to the Land of Health"

Foto: Informasjonsmateriale fra 30-tallet.


The consumption of milk has decreased in Norway, but the country is still among the biggest milk consumers in the world. This seminar will take us back in time, back to the 1930s and to the beginning of the Norwegian milk project when Norway started to become a milk-drinking nation.

From a cultural and historical perspective, food and fresh milk especially, played a key figure in the modernisation of the nation. Fresh milk in clear clean bottles or glasses taught the people the lesson of modernity.

During the 1930s, the slideshow 'The milky way to the land of health' (Melkeveien til helseland) was displayed for schoolchildren all over the country. What can this history teach us about the modern food system?

About the speaker Inger Johanne Lyngø

Inger Johanne Lyngø is an ethnologist and culture historian. In her research she has worked on the social and cultural impact of the knowledge of vitamins or the newer knowledge of nutrition.

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