Matlære: Food Talks

Lunch seminar with David Szanto: 'Performing with food: Interventions in gastronomic research'

University of Gastronomic Sciences


What can a feeding robot teach us about art and power? When does a meal activate our hunter-gatherer natures? How might bread and a handshake bring back a lost friend?

In this seminar, David Szanto will talk about an experimental type of studying food; one that uses performance as a model of investigation and communication. In this approach, food systems are understood as changing, dynamic networks. This requires that the researcher performs with and within his subject, rather than following a conventional, 'scientific' method. The presentation will draw on David’s work within eco-gastronomy—the "thinking-doing-feeling" of food. Issues to be discussed include the communicative powers of the senses, knowledge-making in the mind, body and emotions, and the risks of giving food ‘experts’ too much authority.

After the presentation, we will open for questions from and discussion with the audience.

The seminar is free and open to everyone but requires registration. Coffee and tea will be served, but remember to bring your own lunch.

About the speaker

David Szanto

David Szanto is Professor-at-large for the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, where he coordinates the Eco-Gastronomy Project, an international knowledge-exchange initiative. His research interests include identity and belonging, human-microbial dynamics, food-and-digital-art hybrids, and emotionality within academic practice. David is a Vice President of the Canadian Association for Food Studies and an Associate Editor of its peer-reviewed journal, Canadian Food Studies.



David is also doing a workshop on food and communication at Vitenparken in Ås Monday 23 May, find more information here.


A delta robot feeds a visitor. Photo: David Szanto



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