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Matlære is a blog about food, environment, ethics and politics. Here we publish our own and other peoples thoughts on how food is produced, distributed, sold and consumed.

We try to understand why it is so difficult to eat right.

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Published 19. des. 2017 10:41

Being part of a food cooperative connects people in the city to farmers - and to the food system.

Typcial example of third wave coffee; the hand brewed coffee. Photo: Dennis Tang via Flickr.
Published 29. sep. 2017 11:27

Oslo has become a global hub for speciality coffee. Have you tried third wave coffee?

Published 25. sep. 2015 13:40

Is cultural identity a luxury good or should it be a foundation for society? How does one balance the livelihoods of farmers while addressing the need to rethink what crops can be grown in California? Can modern agriculture contend with climate change?

Published 22. des. 2014 11:33

Matlære readers - have you all seen and read the latest issue of Tvergastein?

Published 23. sep. 2014 06:49

While on fieldwork this summer, I was invited to attend a “foodshed mapping” on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Northwestern Minnesota. My research addresses Indigenous communities in the United States, and their work to regain control over their own food, economic structure, and health.

Published 27. mai 2014 09:44

It is common knowledge in the US that the small family farm is dying. This is both due to a movement towards large-scale corporate agriculture and the fact that farmers are, simply put, getting old.

Published 23. apr. 2014 11:30

On the 31. March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the second of three working group reports entitled, “Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability.”

Published 4. apr. 2014 14:07

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats is a collection of photographs that provides a window into one of the most intimate things that we do: eat.

Published 28. mars 2014 09:51

In a couple of weeks the Indian electorate will participate in what is sure to be the biggest exercise in universal franchise in world history,

Published 18. juni 2013 14:30

One of the oldest food trends being rebranded as one of the “latest” food trends is eating nose to tail – a way of eating that utilizes every part of the animal in an effort to limit wastage and respect each part of the protein.

Published 25. apr. 2013 12:59

The food may be local, but the diners are not.