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Phone +47-22858915
Visiting address Sognsveien 68 None 0855 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1116 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic Interests

  • Electrification, socio-technical and cultural aspects (Author of The impact of electricity:Development, Desires and Dilemmas, 2008)
  • Sustainable energy consumption
  • Gender relations
  • Fieldwork: Tanzania (Zanzibar), Kenya, India, Malawi, Norway

Current Projects

Former Projects

Current positions

  • Engaged/employed by the University of Oslo (from 2006 to present)
  • Board member, EnPe, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Courses taught

I currently teach in the following courses:

I am External Examinor at Durham University, UK, at the Master's programme:

I have previously been course leader/lecturer in the following courses:

Background and former positions of trust


Tags: Energy, Climate, Gender, Practice, Sustainable development, Africa, Asia, Norway, Consumption and Wellbeing, India, Global South, Europe


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  • Winther, Tanja (2017). Deltakelse i paneldiskusjon under lansering av Norads rapport "Norsk energisamarbeid 2007-15".
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  • Winther, Tanja (2016). Matching policy and People? Results from empirical Research in Norway on why measures for sustainable electricity consumption often fail.
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  • Winther, Tanja; Standal, Karina & Hansen, Arve (2016). Gender, energy and consumption.
  • Winther, Tanja (2015). Derfor sparer ikke vi nordmenn på strømmen . Aftenposten Viten.
  • Winther, Tanja (2015). Electricity and social science: Ongoing Projects and key issues.
  • Winther, Tanja (2015). Energi, etikk og det gode liv.
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  • Winther, Tanja (2015). Time, relations and senses of belonging: Electricity’s social impact in an African context.
  • Winther, Tanja (2015, 07. september). Tverrfaglighetens Tanja . [Fagblad].  Apolllon.
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  • Winther, Tanja & Westskog, Hege (2015). Power from the People: Results from preliminary interviews with prosumers and other stakeholders.
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  • Winther, Tanja; Wilhite, Harold Langford & Holsten, Hilde Hartmann (2015, 11. desember). Livet forandrer seg når folk får strøm . [Fagblad].  forskning.no.
  • Winther, Tanja (2014, 11. februar). Comeback gir garantert sparing.  Finansavisen.
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  • Winther, Tanja (2014, 01. april). Ut i verda - men kvar?. [Tidsskrift].  Forskerforum.
  • Winther, Tanja & Gurigard, Kjell (2014). EPC-pilot i borettslag. Utprøving av enegisparekontrakt med garanti (EPC) i Nedre Silkestrå borettslag. Rapport til Husbanken og Oslo Kommune.
  • Winther, Tanja & Gurigard, Kjell (2014). Energy performance contracting (EPC): A suited tool for achieving energy efficiency in housing associations? Results from a promising Norwegian pilot project.
  • Winther, Tanja; Gurigard, Kjell; Molvig, Jørgen; Amundsen, Kristin Helena & Fjeldly, Lisbeth Stokke (2014). Energisparekontrakter med garanti (EPC) i norske boligselskap: Hvordan de fikk det til i Nedre Silkestrå Borettslag .
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  • Winther, Tanja (2013). Fast, Dangerous and Powerful. Reflections on Electricity from the Field.
  • Winther, Tanja (2013). Glimpses from ongoing research on electricity’s social aspects.
  • Winther, Tanja (2013). How to take the household perspective into account so as to obtain sustainable energy systems and a positive social impact.
  • Winther, Tanja (2013). Kjønn og elektrifisering på Zanzibar. Hvorfor er Zanzibar et godt eksempel? Hva ble gjort riktig, hva kunne vært gjort annerledes/bedre?.
  • Winther, Tanja (2013, 08. juli). Smarte målere gir liten spareeffekt.  Aftenposten.
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  • Westskog, Hege & Winther, Tanja (2012). Electricity – commodity or common property? Implications of people’s attitudes for the forming of sustainable energy policies.
  • Westskog, Hege & Winther, Tanja (2012). Electricity: Commodity or a right? Implications of people´s attitudes for the development of sustainable pricing systems.
  • Wilhite, Harold Langford; Elverhøi, Anders; Bakken, Vebjørn; Winther, Tanja; Braa, Kristin & Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie (2012). Social impacts of electricity in rural areas.
  • Winther, Tanja (2012). The introduction of electricity in the Sunderban Islands, India: Conserving or transforming gender relations?.
  • Winther, Tanja & Bouly de Lesdain, Sophie (2012). Electricity as a cultural concept implicated in everyday practices: A comparison of French and Norwegian responses to policy appeals for sustainable energy.
  • Winther, Tanja (2011). Betydningen av kjønnsdimensjonen i utviklingsarbeid. Case: kvinner og elektrifisering på Zanzibar.
  • Winther, Tanja (2011). Matching policy and people – on why the labelling regime for electricity has had little effect in Norway.
  • Winther, Tanja (2011). Social aspects of the introduction of mini-grid solar systems in the Sunderban Islands, India.
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  • Wilhite, Harold Langford & Winther, Tanja (2010). Gi oss flere negawatt. Stømsparing i Norge er det fraværende alternitivet i energi- og miljø debatten. Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.  (217)
  • Winther, Tanja (2010). ‘Current Direct’: Exploring the Customer – Supplier Relationship in Rural Zanzibar.
  • Winther, Tanja (2010, 21. juni). Intervju om lysets sosiale betydning. [Radio].  Radio Norge.
  • Winther, Tanja (2010, 27. august). Intervjuet i artikkel "Alternativet ingen snakker om: Kutt forbruket, dropp master og sjøkabler", forbindelse med planene om utvidelse av det norske strømnettet og behovet for å se på incentiver for å redusere strømforbruket.  Ny Tid.
  • Winther, Tanja (2010). Space, time and social relationships: Moral aspects of the arrival of electric light in rural Zanzibar.
  • Winther, Tanja (2010). Trust and theft: A comparative look at two electricity systems.
  • Winther, Tanja; Saini, Anjali & Ulsrud, Kristin (2010). Taking advantage of relevant experiences: Learning from the solar power supply in the Sunderban Islands. Solar Quarterly.  Juli, s 51- 56

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