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Picture of Johanna Adolfsson Adolfsson, Johanna Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858878 Global South, Health and Development, Malawi, Africa
Picture of Dan Banik Banik, Dan Professor and Research Director +47-22858735 +47-93696583 / danbanik Poverty, Democracy, Global South, Rights, Asia, China, Inequality, Malawi, Aid, Africa, Food
Picture of Rachel Bjørkli Berg Berg, Rachel Bjørkli
Picture of Erik Berge Berge, Erik Adviser +47-22858906 Events, Web editor, Web publishing
Picture of Marius Bergh Bergh, Marius Adviser +47-22858977 Budget, External funding, Reporting, Financial management
Picture of Lise Bjerke Bjerke, Lise Higher Executive Officer +47-22858929
Picture of Kristian Bjørkdahl Bjørkdahl, Kristian Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858993 +47-40610908 Rhetoric, Postcolonialism, Aid, Nature and Culture
Picture of Kenneth Bo Nielsen Bo Nielsen, Kenneth Researcher and Network Coordinator 22858856 Poverty, Asia, Rights, India, Gender
Picture of Benedicte Bull Bull, Benedicte Professor +47-22858902 +47-40204438 Latin America, Globalisation, Governance, Brazil, Global South
Picture of Chris  Butters Butters, Chris Researcher 99360976 99360976
Picture of Kristin Dypedokk Dypedokk, Kristin Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858722 human geography, Goverance, sustainable diets, natrual resource management
Picture of Kaja Elise  Gresko Gresko, Kaja Elise Research Coordinator +47-22858882 +47-99529448 CSR, Africa, Global South, Asia, China, Development, SDGs, Poverty and Development
Picture of Thorunn  Gullaksen Endreson Gullaksen Endreson, Thorunn PhD student Nature and Culture
Picture of Arve Hansen Hansen, Arve Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858844 +4791559751 Energy and Climate, Poverty, Consumption and Wellbeing, Vietnam, Global South
Picture of Nikolai Hegertun Hegertun, Nikolai Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858799 97666297 Development, Public policy, Foreign Policy, Foreign Aid, Peace and conflict studies
Picture of Gudrun Cecilie Eikemo Helland Helland, Gudrun Cecilie Eikemo Adviser +47-22858730 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Cecilie Hirsch Hirsch, Cecilie PhD Candidate 22858798 Energy and Climate, Bolivia, Latin America, Global South, Governance, Natural Resource Management
Picture of Hilde Hartmann Holsten Holsten, Hilde Hartmann Communications Adviser +47-22858904 +47-95272751 Web editor, Press contact, Cristin, Events, Research communication
Picture of Jostein Jakobsen Jakobsen, Jostein Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858805 +47-22858915 Food, Poverty, Governance, India, Asia
Picture of Charlotte Kildal Kildal, Charlotte Higher Executive Officer +47-22858820
Picture of Knut Kjæreng Kjæreng, Knut Project Manager +47-22858884 Management Support
Picture of Maren Olene Kloster Kloster, Maren Olene Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858981 Global health policy making, Health Systems, Malawi, Global South, Global Governance, Reproductive Health, Global Health
Picture of Birgit Kvernflaten Kvernflaten, Birgit Global South, Gender, Latin America, Global Health
Picture of Ann Louise Lie Lie, Ann Louise Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850628 Tanzania, Global Health, Global Governance, Africa, Food and Nutrition, Global South
Picture of Kjersti Litleskare Litleskare, Kjersti Undvp u/gdkj.ped.utd Network for Asian Studies
Picture of Celine Motzfeldt Loades Loades, Celine Motzfeldt Guest Researcher +47 22 85 89 90 Energy and Climate, Consumption and Wellbeing, Nature and Culture
Picture of Desmond McNeill McNeill, Desmond Emeritus +47-22858991 95031848 Aid, Natural Resource Management, Globalisation, Research School, Africa, Asia, Governance, Global South
Picture of Jason Miklian Miklian, Jason Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858911 +47 46894451 Peacebuilding, Business and Governance, Colombia, Natural Resource Management, India, Business and Global Environmental Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Peace and conflict studies
Picture of Anna Marie Nesheim Skråmestø Nesheim Skråmestø, Anna Marie Research Assistant
Picture of Susanne Normann Normann, Susanne Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858910 99239715 critical psychology, qualitative research, political ecology, gender studies
Picture of Martin Emil Nyberg Nyberg, Martin Emil
Picture of Kit-Fai Næss Næss, Kit-Fai Project Assistant 22858729
Næss, Knut Myrum Research Assistant
Picture of Andrea Owe Owe, Andrea
Picture of Hanneke Pot Pot, Hanneke Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858729 Global South, Malawi, Global Health, reproductive and maternal health, Sexual, Africa
Picture of Antoine de Bengy Puyvallée Puyvallée, Antoine de Bengy Research Assistant
Picture of Vilde Paalgard Paalgard, Vilde
Picture of Kristoffer Ring Ring, Kristoffer Head of Office +47-22858912 +47-92809782 IT support for research, Administrative IT services
Picture of Sidsel Roalkvam Roalkvam, Sidsel Centre Director +47-22858796 Asia, Global Health, Global South, India, Malawi, Africa
Picture of Antulio Rosales Rosales, Antulio Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858974 Global Governance, Resource Extraction, Comparative Political Economy, Mining, Latin America, Global South, Development Studies, International Political Economy, Oil
Røysum, Terje Senior Executive Officer +47-22858795 ePhorte, Travel, Reimbursement
Picture of Anne-Line Sandåker Sandåker, Anne-Line Programme Coordinator +47-22858992 Examination, Admissions, Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance
Picture of Karina Standal Standal, Karina Development, Asia, Energy, Gender, Human Geography, India
Picture of Katerini Storeng Storeng, Katerini Associate Professor +47-22858883 governance, anthropology, Burkina Faso, Global health, Africa, Global South
Picture of Margrethe Voll Storaas Storaas, Margrethe Voll
Picture of Mariel Cristina Støen Støen, Mariel Cristina Associate Professor +47-22858885 Latin America, Research School, Globalisation, Governance, Natural Resource Management, Global South, Energy and Climate
Picture of Kristi Anne Stølen Stølen, Kristi Anne Professor Emeritus +47-22858980 Natural Resource Management, Gender, Latin America, Poverty
Picture of Karen Victoria Lykke Syse Syse, Karen Victoria Lykke Associate Professor +47-22858949 Nature and Culture, Landscape, Food, Gender
Picture of Yvonne Thomsen Thomsen, Yvonne
Picture of Marie Thörnfeldt Thörnfeldt, Marie Economic Adviser +47-22858919 Budget, Accounts, Economy
Picture of Ola Tveitereid Westengen Westengen, Ola Tveitereid Research Fellow Natural Resource Management, Aid, Food, Poverty, Africa
Picture of Ulrikke Bryn Wethal Wethal, Ulrikke Bryn Researcher +47-22858951 Global South, Asia, Mozambique, Rights, China, Poverty and Development, Africa
Picture of Harold Langford Wilhite Wilhite, Harold Langford Professor Emeritus 22 85 89 24 924 05 980 Consumption and Wellbeing, Global South, India, Energy and Climate
Picture of Tanja Winther Winther, Tanja Associate Professor +47-22858915 Climate, Norway, Global South, Africa, Practice, Consumption and Wellbeing, Europe, Energy, Gender, India, Asia, Sustainable development
Picture of Nina Witoszek Witoszek, Nina Head of Research +47-22858737 Nature and Culture, Environmental Ethics, Nordic Model
Picture of Maren Aase Aase, Maren Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858728 Asia, Global South, Food, Poverty, Aid, Rights