Persons tagged with «feminist theory»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Berg, Anne-Jorunn Centre Director +47-22858973 41123867 (mob) 41123867 Multicultural, Feminist theory, Science and technology studies, Gender studies
Bitsch, Anne +47-22858876 +1 (929) 325-4638 Masculinities, Sociology, Gender, Human Geography, Rape, Human rights, Feminist theory, Men
Brekke, Tone Irene Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858743 Critical theory, Feminist theory, Literature, Romanticism, Gender
Druglitrø, Tone Associate Professor +47-22841627 94986339 (mob) 94986339 Science and Technology Studies, Actor-Network Theory, History of science and technology, Feminist Theory
Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund Senior Lecturer +47-22858741 LGBT, Environment, Waste, Social Anthropology, Queer Theory, Feminist theory, Globalization, China, Kinship
Furst, Elisabeth L'Orange Professor Emeritus +47-22858316 41645192 (mob) 47-416 45 192 modernity, Norway, epistemology, feminist theory, rationality, Gender, gifts and commodities, subjectivity, identity, Moldova, Scandinavia, food, Eastern Europe, body
Führer, Laura Maria PhD Candidate Arabic, Migration, Racism, Identity, Whiteness, Feminist theory, Norway
Halsaa, Beatrice +47-22858976 Women’s movements, Citizenship, Equality, Multiculturalism, Social Science, Gender, Ethnicity, Feminist theory
Hamelink, Akke Wendelmoet Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858704 Syria, Gender studies, Subjectivity, Social anthropology, Narrative research, Refugee studies, Middle East, Kurds, Feminist theory, Religion, Diaspora
Helseth, Hannah Lecturer +47-22858702 Feminist theory, Gender, Sociology
Holst, Cathrine Professor + 47 22 85 88 89 Democracy, Political theory, Gender policy, Feminist Theory, Expertise, European integration
Marty, Samira Damaris Doctoral Research Fellow 22845970 State, Racism, Central America, Nicaragua, Social change, post-colonial theory, Violence, Guatemala, marginalisation, Latin America, Post-conflict societies, Feminist Theory, Power, Gender, Inequality
Orning, Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Senior Lecturer +47-22858740 Bodies, Equality, Literature, History, Disabilities, Feminist theory, Health, Film, Gender
Young, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858946 American Literature, Children, Literature, Gender and Literature, Feminist Theory, Gender, British Literature
Økland, Jorunn Professor +47-22858723 +47-93442088 (mob) Religion, Gender, Feminist theory, Theology