Persons tagged with «Middle Ages»

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Bollaert, Johan Doctoral Research Fellow +46737252604 Old Norse Philology, Literacy, PhD candidate, Runes, Epigraphy, Middle Ages
Ebert, Bettina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841920 Lacquer, Middle Ages, Conservation, Vietnamese art
Fuglesang, Signe Horn Professor emerita Art History, Middle Ages, Vikings
Heinz, Katharina Doctoral Research Fellow Old Norse Philology, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Rhetoric, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Middle Ages, PhD
Liepe, Lena Professor +47-22856149 Art History, Historiography, Illumination, Middle Ages, Interpretation and Meaning, Iconography, Image and Cult, Medieval Studies, Museums
Mills, Kristen Middle Ages, Ireland, Old Norse Literature, Old Norse Philology, Medieval Culture, Medieval Studies
Nysether, Hilde Andrea Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857767 91364591 History, Norway, Scandinavia, Middle Ages, Iceland, Political culture
Oen, Maria Postdoctoral Fellow Manuscript Culture, Art historical methodology, Cult of Saints, Renaissance, Middle Ages, Medieval Culture, Medieval art, Iconography, Art History, Medieval Studies
Skaug, Erling Professor Emeritus Conservation, Middle Ages, Art History, Technology, History, Art Technology
Streeton, Noëlle Lynn Wenger Associate Professor +47-22859323 Conservation, Painting, Art Technology, Material Culture, Theory, Middle Ages, Scandinavia, Social History, Church History
Vike, Vegard Head Engineer - Conservation +47-22859501 (mob) Reconstruction, Conservation, Understanding of Objects, Middle Ages, Viking Age