Persons tagged with «India»

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Agewall, Stefan Professor II +47-91307866 Nordic, Brazil, India
Arnesson, Daniel Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859741 98065238 (mob) +47 980 65 238 environmental law, development, Energy Law, comparative Law, South Africa, Nordic, international Law, India
Atar, Dan Professor II +47-22119100 +47-98074757 (mob) Nordic, Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, India, Myocardial Infarction, Prevention of Reperfusion Injury, Troponin
Bogen, Bjarne Professor +47-23073015 multiple myeloma, B cell lymphomas, Nordic, T cells, USA, China, B cells, autoimmunity, India, Immunology, Japan, Life sciences, Global South, vaccine molecules
Fjeld, Heidi Associate Professor +47-22850603 Global South, India
Frøystad, Kathinka Professor of Modern South Asian studies +47-22854790 India, Religion and politics, Anthropology, Cosmopolitanism, Inequality
Ilkama, Ina Marie Lunde Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854782 South Asia, India, Hinduism, festivals, Sanskrit, rituals
Jakobsen, Jostein Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858805 +47-22858915 Food, Poverty, Governance, India, Asia
Kaur, Lavleen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850219 India
Kuldova, Tereza Researcher +47-22859375 +4746243793 Social change, Commodification, Craft, Social anthropology, Aesthetic economy, Hierarchy, Business anthropology, Organized crime, White Collar Crime, Intellectual Property Rights, Value, Fashion, Material culture, India, Anthropology of law, Gangs, Counterfeiting
Lazzaretti, Vera Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854776 South Asia, Cosmopolitanism, Hinduism, Pilgrimage, Anthropology, Religion and politics, India, Cultural heritage
Melby-Lervåg, Monica Professor/ Head of Research- Departmens of Special Needs 004722858138 004792615071 (mob) meta-analysis, language impairment, second language learners, systematic reviews, intervetions, working memory, India, dyslexia, USA
Miklian, Jason Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858911 +47 46894451 Peacebuilding, Business and Governance, Colombia, Natural Resource Management, India, Business and Global Environmental Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Peace and conflict studies
Nielsen, Kenneth Bo Associate Professor +47-22858856 Dispossession, Social movements, Political culture, Political Economy, Law and Society, Land conflicts, India, Development
Pereira, Tiago Researcher +47-22855008 India, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, China, USA
Roalkvam, Sidsel Centre Director +47-22858796 Asia, Global Health, Global South, India, Malawi, Africa
Ruud, Arild Engelsen Professor of South Asia Studies, Head of Research +47 22 85 67 12 +47 995 33 823 (mob) South Asia, India, Political culture, Bangladesh
Samuelsen, Guro Warhuus Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854487 41104558 (mob) 41104558 Religion and politics, Political culture, India, South Asia, Caste, Hindi
Staff, Anne Cathrine (Annetine) Professor I, Obstetric and Gynecology +47-22119800 +47-41303081 (mob) Genetikk og epidemiologi, kar og lunger, Kjønnsorganer, Brazil, Diabetes og hormoner, Ernæring, Hjerte, Kreft, Mor og barn, Nyrer og urinveier, India, USA, Nordic
Standal, Karina Development, Asia, Energy, Gender, Human Geography, India
Stenseth, Nils Christian Professor +47-22854584 Russia, Canada, India, Life sciences, Japan, Nordic, China, Global South, USA
Törnquist, Olle Professor +47-22855328 Global South, India
Wangensteen, Helle Associate Professor +47-22856567 Ethnopharmacology, India, Natural products, Pharmacy, Global south, NMR, Pharmacognosy, Polyphenols, Antioxidants
Wehus, Ingunn Kathrine Researcher +47-22854451 CMB, India, Japan, component separation, LiteBIRD, USA, PASIPHAE, intensity mapping, SPIDER, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Planck, COMAP, Canada, Cosmology, South Africa, Europe, Nordic, GreenPol
Wilhite, Harold Langford Professor Emeritus 22 85 89 24 924 05 980 (mob) Consumption and Wellbeing, Global South, India, Energy and Climate
Winther, Tanja Associate Professor +47-22858915 Climate, Norway, Global South, Africa, Practice, Consumption and Wellbeing, Europe, Energy, Gender, India, Asia, Sustainable development
Zoller, Claus Peter Professor +47-22858039 South Asia, Rituals, Hindi, India