Persons tagged with «Governance»

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Bull, Benedicte Professor +47-22858902 +47-40204438 (mob) Latin America, Globalisation, Governance, Brazil, Global South
Eide, Wenche Barth Professor Emeritus +47-22851375 Nutrition, Mother and child, Human Rights, Right to adequate food/Right to Health, Governance, Nutrition Policy
Eriksen, Erik Oddvar Professor and Director +47 22 85 88 70 +47 909 58 187 (mob) Governance, Public policy, European public sphere, European integration, Democracy, Political theory, Legitimacy, Institutions, European Union
Jakobsen, Jostein Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858805 +47-22858915 Food, Poverty, Governance, India, Asia
Maassen, Peter Professor +47-22844122 Governance, Higher education, South Africa
McNeill, Desmond Emeritus +47-22858991 95031848 Aid, Natural Resource Management, Globalisation, Research School, Africa, Asia, Governance, Global South
Steen, Anton Professor +47-22855182 public policy, refugees, governance, immigration policy
Storeng, Katerini Associate Professor +47-22858883 governance, anthropology, Burkina Faso, Global health, Africa, Global South
Støen, Mariel Cristina Associate Professor +47-22858885 Latin America, Research School, Globalisation, Governance, Natural Resource Management, Global South, Energy and Climate
Traavik, Jarle V Section Manager +47-22858264 +47-46412402 (mob) Finance, Social media, Project management, Strategy, Governance