Persons tagged with «China»

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Agøy, Erling Hagen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856449 China, Chinese
Ahlers, Anna L. Associate Professor +47 228 56857 China, Politics, Political regime, Society, Greater China region
Bakke, Cecilie Figenschou Programme Director- China and East Asia. Team leader UN Human Rights Mechanisms + 47 22 84 20 01/18 China, Human Rights, International Relations
Banik, Dan Professor and Research Director +47-22858735 +47-93696583 (mob) / Poverty, Democracy, Global South, Rights, Asia, China, Inequality, Malawi, Aid, Africa, Food
Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Head of Equality and non-discrimination/ Head of Rule of Law in China 22842074 China, Human Rights, Non-discrimination, Criminal Justice
Bogen, Bjarne Professor +47-23073015 multiple myeloma, B cell lymphomas, Nordic, T cells, USA, China, B cells, autoimmunity, India, Immunology, Japan, Life sciences, Global South, vaccine molecules
Bygrave, Lee Andrew Professor +47-22859339 USA, Brazil, Russia, China
Christensen, Tom Professor +47-22855163 China
Eifring, Halvor Professor +47-22857703 China, Chinese, Linguistics, Meditation, Self-cultivation, Zen, Chinese literature, Taiwan
Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund Senior Lecturer +47-22858741 LGBT, Environment, Waste, Social Anthropology, Queer Theory, Feminist theory, Globalization, China, Kinship
Gresko, Kaja Elise Research Coordinator +47-22858882 +47-99529448 (mob) CSR, Africa, Global South, Asia, China, Development, SDGs, Poverty and Development
Hansen, Eddy Walther Professor +47-22855692 NMR, China, Chemistry
Haugen, Heidi Østbø Postdoctoral research fellow - Department of Sociology and Human Geography +47 22854276 Human Geography, China, Africa, trade
Johansen, Anne Kari B. Senior Programme Officer - ON LEAVE China, Human Rights, human rights education
Karlsen, Kenneth Hvistendahl Professor +47-22855948 China, USA, Russia, Centre of Mathematics for Applications - CMA, Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Brazil
Kuznetsov, Andrej Professor +47-22857762 Radiation phenomena, China, Semiconductors, Detectors, Solar cells, SMN, Nano- and microtechnology, Heterostructures
Larssen, Thorjørn Professor II +47-41503043 (mob) China, Environmental Analysis
Liu, Fengshu Professor +47-22856163 China, Global South, Gender, Modern childhood, Education
Lundberg, Anna Maria C. Associate Professor +47-22842014 China
Mahler, Tobias Professor +4722850087 Internet Governance, Legal Informatics, China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Mehlum, Lars Professor +47 22923473 China, USA
Moe, Hans Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855589 China, Air pollution
Nielsen, Harriet Bjerrum Professor Emeritus +47-22858942 +47-92667801 (mob) Girls, Boys, Gender socialisation, Psychoanalytic theory, Youth, Social change, Children, China, School, Generations, Identity, Gender, Subjectivity, Gender equality, Psychosocial perspectives, Modernity
Nilsson, Pernille Doctoral Research Fellow Evolution, China, Plague
Pereira, Tiago Researcher +47-22855008 India, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, China, USA
Sagild, Rebekka Åsnes Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854799 society, China, Politics
Schmid, Boris Valentijn Researcher Ancient DNA, Epidemiology, China, History, Rodents, Ecology, Evolution, Plague
Sjåfjell, Beate Professor +47-22859381 +47-95931283 (mob) China, Global South, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Nordic
Skjeie, Holgeir Researcher +47-22850658 China
Stenseth, Nils Christian Professor +47-22854584 Russia, Canada, India, Life sciences, Japan, Nordic, China, Global South, USA
Storesletten, Kjetil Professor - Department of Economics +47-22844009 Economics, Money Credit and Finance, Growth and Development, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy, China
Svarverud, Rune Professor (+47) 22856982 China, Chinese, Popular culture, Cultural encounters
Sæther, Elin Associate Professor +47-22858334 China
Visted, Øystein Krogh Lecturer +47-22859166 90928919 (mob) +47 90928919 Chinese, China
Vogt, Rolf David Professor +47-22855696 +47-90615415 (mob) Physical chemistry, Climate change, Eutrophication, Aluminium, Biogeochemistry, Chemistry, Natural organic matter, Heavy metals, Acid Rain, Water pollution, China, Soil chemistry, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry
Wangen, Knut Reidar Associate Professor +47-22850527 +47-95121008 (mob) China
Wellens, Koen Associate Professor +47 22856790 +47 90512313 (mob) China, religion, society, religion and politics, ethnic minorities
Wethal, Ulrikke Bryn Researcher +47-22858951 Global South, Asia, Mozambique, Rights, China, Poverty and Development, Africa
Winther, Ragnar Professor +47-22855935 China, Mathematics, USA, Centre of Mathematics for Applications - CMA, Partial Differential Equations
Wold, Erlend Fornæss Professor +47-22855915 USA, Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, China, Brazil
Xia, Liyang Associate Professor +47-22858678 Gender Studies, Ibsen, China, Theatre, Translation Studies, Reception Studies, Digital Humanities
Xu, Lei Researcher Rodent population, Dengue, Plague, China